A diagnosis of Cancer can be devastating and a great source of stress. Life has shown me how it can also be a source of healing, miracles and life transformation.

Embodying the science of healing is one of my favorite passions. I have been¬†teaching a class every Wednesday evening from 6-7:30pm at the Cancer Support Center in Miami that empowers and educates individuals on “How To Heal and Thrive Through Cancer.”

We do this through an experience which teaches us HOW to tap into our innate wisdom and the science of healing based on the latest reseach in mind-body medicine.


What is fascinating is how the people have transformed over these past months, by simply attending the class and applying what is learned into their every day life. Each person receives suggestions how to integrate into their body-mind-spirit and life these powerful tools. There is a magic in the air when we gather. We get to experience the gift of healing, which is also the gift of connection and love, the gift of vulnerability and intimacy… and the gift of focused intention on healing and thriving; and being open to new possibilities.

I have learned so much from this weekly group and what has happened to us all. Each Wednesday we are reminded of what’s possible, when we believe so deeply in the power of our own bodies to heal. More importantly, turns out this class is deeply spiritual. We touch God/Creator/Source Intelligence every time we meet. I realize the work I have been inspired to share is actually also a way to touch the divine within us all. When we surrender our body and our thoughts to the present moment fully, this is what happens.

The class begins with everyone sharing how the exercises from the previous week were applied into their daily life, and how the techniques benefit them in their life. People also share whatever challenges they are going through. Many times there is pain in a part of the body. Worry is a very common complaint also. Then we lay down and we wrap ourselves with a blanket that serves as a shawl, and we imagine the wings of our Angels wrapping us in healing energy and unconditional love. Participants are then guided inside to unlock their healing powers with the E3 breathing exercise, taught in the Alva Method of Quantum Healing and Rapid Mindset Change Bodywork.

We sing together and “embody” our healing intentions. We embody peace, self-acceptance, unconditional love, forgiveness and whatever people are called to express. I guide them also on a sound healing journey that includes drumming, Native American Flute, chimes, crystal healing bowls and chanting. I also use aromatherapy and we massage our bodies and practice “body love mindfulness meditation.” We also end the class with a “celebration” dance.

Recently a participant said she went to the doctor and her PET Scan came out “almost clear.” ¬†She was a woman who was going to go for a surgery and something inside was telling her to wait and she cancelled the surgery. Another person said she feels more energy and peace from attending the class.

3 Ways To Heal And Thrive With Cancer

  1. Be grateful and embrace your diagnosis of Cancer. Trust that our Creator loves us so much and that everything that is happening to us, whether it is a diagnosis of a cold, cancer or MS. Do not make Cancer a more serious diagnosis. Your body is simply attempting to bring you back to balance by creating a “dis-ease.” It is happening for us to heal, grow, and become more balanced in our lives. Frequently the individuals who attend the class report, “Cancer was the reason I changed my life. It motivated me to stop and really pay attention to my body, to take care of myself first instead of others.” We heal when we accept, embrace and love whatever we might be resisting or judging as bad. To heal means to become whole. Therefore the first step to healing is to accept that we have been given a diagnosis of Cancer. To be grateful for it is the next step.
  2. ¬†Ask yourself these questions after you have done the E3 Breathing Exercise. What can I learn from this? How has a diagnosis been an opportunity for me? How has it benefitted my life? What is my Cancer teaching me? Breathe into whatever parts of your body you have effected by Cancer. For example, if you have a diagnosis of breast cancer, breathe into your breasts. Imagine you have lungs in your breast tissue. If it is ovarian cancer, breathe awareness into your ovarian lungs. EXPAND into these areas. First feel grateful for them and then ask them, “is there anything you wish for me to know?” “what opportunity are you bringing me?” Our body is constantly communicating with us what is for our highest good. Our body is not acting out and being mean to us. Our body is always healing itself and we will create miraculous changes in our physiology when we view our “dis-ease” as a gift, a blessing, and an opportunity to heal and grow.
  3. LIVE AS IF YOU ALREADY WERE WHOLE AND COMPLETE. Feel ALREADY HEALED. Listen to I AM ALREADY HEALED guided meditation to embody the feeling of already being healed from whatever dis-ease your body is experiencing. When we feel in every cell of our being that we are healed, we actually are changing our gene expression and our physiology. Why not create an environment where we are intentionally healing our cells? This I feel is the future of medicine. To tap into every individual’s ability to self-heal. We are so much more powerful than what we have been led to believe in our culture. The Alva Method¬†teaches us HOW to tap into our innate resources to heal, energize and create miracles in our physiology.

Let me know how these meditations and the exercises benefit you. And if you have any stories to share of what benefit you to heal through cancer, share with us! And if you like to be inspired, CLICK HERE to watch video testimonials of how these methods benefit individuals.

And if you are in Miami, join us every Wednesday for Heal and Thrive After Cancer. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.cancer-miami