About Me

I am Michelle Alva. I have created this safe-haven for your self-healing, self-love, and empowerment journey. If you are here, it is most likely because you have been wanting to learn and grow, and now finally, you are ready!

I am passionate about my intention to educate and empower women and men to heal themselves, using a mindset-energy approach. On your journey to self-repair, I will guide you to connect with your body and feminine essence, while embracing spirituality, balance, and sensuality. You will feel empowered to let go of crippling past emotions, deepen your heart and soul connection, and live a richer, more fulfilling, and healthy life.

This is done by integrating the latest in science with ancient wisdom modalities such as energy healing, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, shamanic based rituals, sound healing, Yoga, and mindfulness-based meditation.

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My Story:

As a teenager, I experienced feelings of abandonment, stemming from my parents’ divorce. My dad moved to Peru and I missed him so much. I didn’t realize back then how his absence in my teenage years, would later impact my relationships, especially romantic ones! I made up stories about myself that I was unworthy, unlovable, and not enough. In addition to that, I had a very traumatic first sexual experience, which resulted in myself creating feelings of shame, guilt and believing that I was damaged goods. You see I was raised Catholic, and nice girls don’t have sex before they are married! These are the lies I told myself as a teen. I had no idea that my own mindset, my own beliefs and perceptions, were what was hurting me.

I became an angry, unfulfilled woman, with a lot of repressed sadness. Years later, thanks to yoga and breathwork, I had a life-changing experience. I realized how holding on to emotions (which are energy), and painful memories, could manifest into chronic pain. I had a first-hand experience of this in my pelvic floor, and became interested in learning everything I could about the mind-body connection, energy, how our thoughts and emotions affect our pain,

All this led me to seek outside the box as most of what I knew was just from my physical therapy background, which never mentioned that our mindset, and traumas, could contribute to our pains… I graduated over 25 years ago, it was a lot different than what we know today about the mind-body connection. I felt so unfilled and wanted to learn more about how my body, mind, and emotions all impact my body and health. I decide to learn about and become certified in various specialties of healing and wellness including Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Shamanism, Psych-K®, Energy Psychology, Neuroscience, Tantra, and even Belly Dance! My physical therapy background provided an in-depth knowledge of the physical body. However, it was lacking the awareness that we are mostly made up of energy and the importance of guiding clients to shift their own perceptions and beliefs ABOUT THEIR PAIN, to create rapid healing results IN THEIR PHYSICAL BODY, which can be done by working with clients over the phone!

Out of my own desire to search for something even more effective, I was inspired to create a new way of Healing INTEGRATIVELY, and The Alva Method was born after 21 years. This method is all about giving the power back to the individual and teaching them to harness their own healing power.

You are your greatest source of healing, empowerment and transformation. I look forward to guiding you on your way over the phone to self-healing or live in person at one of my events. I can’t wait to show you how! I know this is exactly what’s been missing in our traditional health care model. I feel strongly that this is what will save our future generations, as people become empowered to clear the chronic pain they’ve been holding for years.







Join me on this beautiful journey, guided by your intuitive wisdom and body-breath connection, so we may all co-create a more loving and peaceful world for generations to come, one breath at a time!