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The benefit of Mandates and how we can use appreciate them as an opportunity to strengthen, unite and empower ourselves. This article is written with the intention of offering words of inspiration, words that heal, and I am not telling people whether they should or should not do something, like get a vac*ine. I don’t know what is the best decision for you. I only know my own truth. I respect you and accept you no matter what you decide. I feel called to share this, because recently more and more I have been becoming aware of how certain mandates have certain less than uplifting side effects for people I care about. I care so much about humanity, everyone, I have dedicated my life in the pursuit of deep self-love and respect, and the more I do this, the more I wish to care about the world, the earth, what we are doing to it, and how we are treating ourselves, and what can I do about it?

We are meant to be wild, free, sovereign, and powerful.

Reflect on what arises in you when I ask this question: When you were a child, was there ever a time when you wanted to do something, and your parents said “no”, you can’t do that. And you knew it was meant for you, your body was a full YES! But yet, you still couldn’t do it? How did you not honoring the truth inside you feel? Comment below.

When mandates are placed on us, especially ones that may not be created from a place of love and for the highest good of all, our intuitive bodies know it, the innate wisdom within us all knows it.

Recently things have been happening in our world, where there is a feeling inside of us that something is not aligned with our values, our essence, and many of us are feeling sad because we are seeing how large groups are operating in ways that might not be in the most kind, and beneficial for all ways. There is a big reveal happening right now, where we just can’t live avoiding those deep inner feelings, that have known for years all this Truth. Many of us are feeling injustice, stuck, fearful of the unknown, worried, lack, scarcity, afraid to lose our jobs, worried of how we will provide for ourselves and our families if we honor the Truth inside of us, and some of us are feeling pressured to give in, and dishonor our feelings once again, when inside of us, our bodies are telling us “No, don’t do that.”

Can you imagine what benefit this is offering us? I have faith in a higher power, God, Creator, Source, the name for me does not matter. I don’t really know for sure the “name” of this force, it can be as simple as the force of love. And I have changed my life from fear and lack to abundance and deep acceptance and compassion for myself, and for all. I am not angry, I am only here to share from my heart, and I wish to inspire us to awaken to the natural laws of creation, and if we are to create a healthier, more sustainable world, we get to also learn the basics of how we can each be a magnet for this uplifting new humanity. 

Here are some statements that reflect what I feel called to share on how we can see what is happening now in the world, in our communities, to grow in love, instead of staying stuck in fear:

  1. We get to learn more about how important it is to honor our feelings and express how we feel.
  2. We get to come together, become more intimate, and strengthen our relationships with our fellow brothers, and sisters.
  3. We get to unite and rise together because we know that freedom of expression is our nature to be.
  4. We get to create a new way where everyone is respected, valued, honored, and feelings are welcome.
  5. We get to allow love to guide us, and we get to be more creative.
  6. We get to become more self-aware of how our thoughts and beliefs create our reality, and how our feelings matter. For how we feel in every second is how we attract. 
  7. We get to dream up a new way of being and living in our world, that allows us to continue to embody love, peace, and justice for all.
  8. We get to create a new life, where we live more aligned to our heart and soul’s purpose.
  9. We get to practice trusting in our creator that we are so loved, and supported.
  10. We get to live in abundance and grow from every experience, which our nature is to expand, grow and thrive. If you take a look at the palm trees, this is what nature does, easily.

How have these mandates benefit you? What are they offering you? When we embrace and accept, we heal.

This doesn’t mean we accept what is being asked of us, if our bodies are not feeling something is not aligned with us, it means we stand up for ourselves, we express our feelings, and take action to be heard and expressed and together we create a new solution that is considerate of us all, and tune in and ask our intuitive wisdom to guide us.

I have met someone who was vac**nated and the day after, he couldn’t move one side of his face, he felt paralyzed on one side. His doctor recommended he not go for the second one.

I met another person who has major allergies, food and gut challenges, and does not feel well when foreign substances, or drugs are placed into this person’s body, and responds very negatively to drugs and foreign substances, and this person is very anxious and worried about receiving the Vac**ine. 

I also met someone who’s friend’s husband and another who’s father died of a sudden heart attack just a day, and two days after receiving the injection. 

I hear stories, from other people of what is happening due to a certain Vac**ine, and maybe the cause is mental, placebo, but it is happening, for those people with those symptoms, this is real.  I am curious, and wondering, if this choice of receiving the Vac**ne truly is the best decision for EVERY SINGLE PERSON and for their health benefit? Or is this the best decision for some other people’s benefit? And if I keep asking those questions, I go into a rabbit hole, and get caught up in my head, then I usually wind up feeling sad, and I make up a story that our gover*nment leaders don’t truly care about us, or else they would instead be teaching us how to have healthy habits, instead they would never allow cancer-causing ( I have friends who are so healthy, and recently diagnosed with cancer and makes me wonder what else we can do to create healthier foods as cancer been correlated also with pesticides, etc.. )…  substances to be FDA Approved, and they would have created a more supportive way for people to learn how to boost their immunity and prevent dis-eases instead of just creating more drugs and supporting big-pharma, then I start to make up stories at how I don’t feel our world, in general, is being run by leaders who truly care about each and every one of us, Mother Earth, and our growth, and evolution in the highest way.

Then, I go to “everything is always perfect, everything is happening FOR us, what is this offering me? How can I grow in peace, love, and acceptance, from all this that is happening, what do I wish would be HAPPENING instead that would heal us, benefit us, and allow us to thrive and grow from instead? Then I usually go to God, Creator, Source, and this makes me feel more at peace and calms me down…then I say “Higher power, Creator, God, help me to see the truth, and Be true to my heart and soul. God, help me to serve in the highest way, for me, one person, to be able to benefit the collective, Show me, thank you in advance God, Creator, Source, for my precious life, and may we all rise together, and strengthen from this great time of growth and change in our world, in our time. And I usually also say, “I am sorry Mother Earth, for how we are treating you, please forgive me, and I wish to learn more about what I can do to live a more sustainable life. More on this in another article… ”

What is happening to us right now, is also what is happening to Mother Earth. Some of us are not being considered, and we have not been considering Mother Earth for a long time.

I see a shift happening from being a consumer, to being sustainable, eco-conscious, and creating solutions for how we use energy, and to use renewable sources instead of harming Mother earth and nature.

Something I am recommending which is what inspired me to write this article, is that how we think and feel, attracts what comes in to our reality. You see, I became a mindset-energy coach. I have been trained in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, and Pscyh-K® and I have taken a lot of courses that have made me aware of how mindset creates everything, how we are all made up mostly of energy and have learned how to assist us in learning new patterns of thinking and feeling, to create a new reality based on neuroscience and neural plasticity.

Therefore, instead of feeling scared, worried, in lack, and scarcity, I encourage everyone to become self-aware of how you are feeling throughout the day. How we think, creates! CLICK HERE to learn about an upcoming online class I am teaching on October 20 Wednesday from 4-5:30pm ET via Zoom  called “http://Virtual Mindset-Energy Re-Set Experience Transform Lack To Love & Abundance and you can also register to get the recording if you can’t attend live on Wednesday.

Below are three steps to benefit you to create peace and calm from within, so that you may begin to align more to your true essence which is love. And from this clarity creation, we may also strengthen our inner connection and feel more empowered to take action and support ourselves in living with integrity.

  1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose, exhale open your mouth and create a sigh, “ahhhhhhh.” Become aware of how it feels to expand on the inhale, and to surrender all conscious effort, tensions, to allow the exhale to happen with minimal effort. How we breathe, reflects how we feel, and therefore, how we attract. If you create conscious and peaceful breaths that feel peaceful to you, and you practice observing and witnessing the sensations of breathing in this way, you will become more familiar over time with how to feel peaceful. Click HERE to begin this journey with meditation.
  2. Close your eyes and feel everything that arises when you tune inside to the sensations in your body, you can place your hand over your chest and abdomen to assist you in becoming more present to the sensations in your heart and gut. When we feel with eyes closed, we are becoming more connected to our higher knowing, our intuition. 
  3. Imagine what it would be like to be free, empowered, whole, connected, and love your life. Imagine a world and how you would feel if you felt we all lived in a way that benefits everyone, including Mother Earth. Imagine how energized you would feel if everyone had the highest quality health, wellness, and we all had access to food, clean water, renewable resources, and an abundance of health, wealth, and prosperity for us all.
  4. Close your eyes and allow all those feelings to be felt, of whatever arises, and come back to your breathing, if you feel emotional, sad, mad, scared, angry… feel those emotions, they are moving inside you and coming up to come out and be processed. Listen to this guided meditation to support you to process and release any stuck emotions, and chronic stress, fear, or worry from your body at

5) FEEL GRATEFUL FOR THE FUTURE “AS IF” it is already true!

Feel grateful for the world we get to create from learning and growing together in these times of great change. Feel that we are all respectful of one another’s decisions. Imagine and feel that we priotitize learning ways of living healthy and that we care about the earth, and our own bodies in the highest ways. Feel so grateful that we all together have created a world where we  focus on living with a healthy mindset and energy also, where we are all united.

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From challenges, we get inspired and motivated to create new solutions, new opportunities, change, and growth. This is our nature to be this way, that is why it feels so aligned when we do this… just as when there is a hurricane, then there is a time of new growth. This is where we are at, right now, why this article is being created this morning, I ask you, “what do you decide to create from all this that is happening in our world?” Do you believe what I am saying is possible? Or are you afraid of living Heaven On Earth? Are you fearful of living your dream life? What is getting in the way of you stepping fully into your power? 

Reach out to me if you like coaching and support to learn the ALVA method which stands for Activate Love, Vibrate Abundance, which I feel was inspired to create by my inner wisdom, my soul’s innate wisdom, and that has been growing for the past 26 years inside of me, perfectly ripe and ready to be shared for these challenging times Now. Download this Complimentary Gift HERE to begin your journey of going within, by learning how to sit with your emotions, and process the fears. It includes a 24 minute guided meditation that begins this process of owning our power, by making the time to sit with our feelings, and learn how to be free of the weight of the past. Many of us are walking around with old, dried-up leaves of fear, scarcity, childhood wounds, and traumas that have not been processed, and we are meant to live in our bodies, with lightness, clearness, and energized. Yet many of us are so busy, that many of us have no idea we are holding on to a lot, and it is getting in the way of feeling abundant, light, and free.

Thank you for being open to seeing adversity, as an opportunity and if you are angry, or judge my words, I love you too! It’s ok, because I know how we treat others is just a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

And how we see choose to see things, creates more of what we are choosing to see. Our world can thrive, our world can shift, however, if we are thinking that is not possible if we are feeling stuck, and dread, and doom… then this will be the only thing we will be able to attract and we will strengthen our ability to notice it even more, which will only create more reasons to feel stuck and scared.

Writing this article has inspired me to make more time feeling that people are waking up in the millions upon millions and billions on this planet and standing for our freedom.  My own beliefs about the current situation in our world create more of what is happening and what I bring into my life, into our lives.

Would you like to ban together with me, to create the healthiest world, which begins with shifting our thoughts, where we place our focus and learn mindset change techniques? Lets ban together in support of the highest good of all, we are all living on one earth, and together we can rise, and we can become more conscious of what it truly means to be healthy and thriving from the inside out.

Lots of love to you all, 

Michelle Alva

PS. I was woken up on a Saturday, by a voice inside that wanted to speak, and here I am.

I pray my words are healing for you, and that you can feel the love in my heart for humanity and how I am inspired and excited that healing and thriving is in our reality. And may it stir in you to trust in the unknown, to trust in our Creator who loves us so much, who made us from Love. I have gone from chronic tension and pain to pleasure and power. And I wish this for us all.


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