The Soul is an aspect of ourselves which can only be felt when we bursa escort bayan are fully engaged in the present moment. Every moment is a miracle, an opportunity to experience bliss, connection, the vast expansiveness of what we are, and understanding in the rational mind. 

We were thought up into form by our Creator, we are all designed from Creator, and each one of us is a masterpiece of love.

Our nature andtrue essence are love, abundance, and creative energy, and limitless ankara escort bayan power, look at all the amazing things we have created and accomplished!

When we flow the energy of love, acceptance, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, and forgiveness, we get to release fear and chronic stress, which allows us to experience our purest form, which is Being present, as the energy of love at the moment.

Our soul is the aspect of ourselves that is the observer and witness of our ego, the moment, without any judgment, criticism, analysis, or resistance. The Soul watches and just Is, moment by moment. The mind affects how we can experience the soul connection, for it is not possible to be two places at once. We are either in judgment adana escort bayan and experiencing the suffering that comes when we do not accept ourselves, someone, or something. If we wish to strengthen our soul connection and be more present to the experience of our soul, we can:

  1. Observe our ego’s behaviors. Become the witness to yourself being judgmental, having judgmental thoughts, and criticizing yourself. Witness that this happens, practice simply observing your patterns of creating these thoughts. Is this possible for you, or do you judge yourself and get upset with yourself because you judge yourself or are too hard on yourself?
  2. An easy way to begin on this journey of becoming free of the past is to place your hand over your chest and close your eyes. Feel your chest, and then deepen your focus to the sensations of your heart beating. Notice what it feels like to be present to the sensations of your chest, and istanbul escort bayan discover your heart beating. The mind may judge this exercise, or criticize it. It’s Ok, notice your tendencies to do this, and be ok, accept, whatever thoughts arise. Practice having this direct experience with the sensations of your chest, heart, and witnessing how your mind interacts with the moment, and if it is easy for you, or if you go into your thoughts and lose focus. This is a practice, we cultivate it every time we practice this simple exercise.
  3. Soul Breathing: In the Hebrew language the word for breath is Neshima. The word for Soul is Neshama. Conscious diaphragmatic breathing calms the mind and is a doorway to opening up to becoming more present of our Soul-fully engaging in the present moment, being the witness of our breath moving through is, allows istanbul escort bayan us to experience the bliss of the moment, and the connection that we have to creator. Rabbi Shoni Labowitz, an amazing, soul-rich woman, who inspired me so much to be who I am, fully, said “Creator/God/Source breathes inside of you, and speaks through your heart.” How beautiful to think of every single breath as an opportunity to allow Creator/God to breathe INTO me, and continue to sustain my aliveness. I get to receive this, every time I breathe! When I feel the air coming in through my nose, and this is my focus, to be grateful that Creator/God is breathing into me, wow, this intention and shifts everything, and it has inspired me so much to live a sacred and love-filled life. (Special Thanks To Rabbi Marc Labowitz, who is one of the most loving and “Soul Full” People I have ever met, and has been such an inspiration for me to be able to write this article.)
  4. Our ego is what causes suffering, therefore, whenever you are feeling down, sad, stuck, mad, izmir escort bayan dwelling on the past, become aware that the reason why, is because you get to come back to the present moment, and be the witness, you get to familiarize yourself with allowing Creator/God to breathe into you, and align with your soul and heart. Practice exercise #2 and feel the sensations that arise. Be grateful and appreciate the Ego, and accept that this happens, when you focus on judging, criticizing, analyzing, having to be right. We create these sensations when we decide to focus elsewhere. So come back to the feelings, and sensations of the present moment, BE HERE NOW. Shifting the attention to the body, breath, and being accepting of all the sensations that arise will allow you to be more fully present to the experience of your heart and soul.

5. The more we practice the above exercises, the more we will cultivate the “witness/observer” mind. The more we will be able to integrate the mind, body, and soul in every moment. Eventually, you will more easily be able to simply BE HERE NOW, and then, you will be able to access the wisdom and inner knowing that is available to us all when we decide to align with our divine soul’s essence, love! The more we are present, and fully engaged at the moment, we begin to feel another dimension, aspect of our being. When we connect in this way, life girne escort bayan becomes a miraculous and magical experience. There is only love, and acceptance, and yes, the ego will appear, and will doubt, and will judge, however, you come back to the present moment, by taking a deeply conscious and sensual breath,  where you come back to feeling your heart and feeling all the sensations. And by now, because you have done this repeatedly, your body, mind, soul realign to the present moment instantly. When we live more from a place of soul presence, connection and integration, we become more creative, we are open to receiving more, as we receive our integrated selves, and therefore, more unexpected opportunities arise, we receive unexpected gifts, unexpected resources pop up out of nowhere. You see the universe, Creator is abundant. Nature is abundant, and we are made of this same Source Creator.

6. When we are in lack, it is an opportunity to come back to being grateful for what we have, for this opportunity to come back to our soul presence, and feel how divinely rich and miraculous, we are. We are Kings and Queens walking on this precious earth, and if you forgot, come back to remembering, by the simple exercises mentioned above. It is not “difficult” to come back to the soul, to come back to the present moment, it is our nature to be here now. If there is resistance and if it feels different than what I have mentioned, it has something to do with your willingness to let go of the past, and who you think you are, to experience a new present moment awareness of yourself, of your life, and sometimes we resist release, sometimes we are afraid of actually living heaven on earth, of having it all, of living our dream life, because we don’t feel worthy, enough, or lovable. If that is you, reach out to me, and let’swork together. I offer many diverse opportunities to strengthen that powerful being inside, your soul, your authentic, abundant, and most loving version of yourself, is inside you, just waiting to be received. Schedule a clarity call with me HERE 

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8. Feel grateful and surrender each day, remember you are made by the most powerful force of Creation, each one of us are in my opinion, Gods, and Goddesses, walking on this earth, and earth is a heaven on earth… it was created for us, and look what we have done to it… if you like to do more for the earth, click HERE to connect with Deva Presence, and join his Permaculture class which begins on Nov 20, I just joined, register with my affiliate code, and hope to see you there with me! 

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