Ego and Soul Shed Some Light On Being Jealous…

Ego: Almighty Soul, Is it possible to feel jealous and still be spiritual?

Soul: YES! YES! YES! If you can observe your thoughts and feelings of jealousy without any analysis or judgement, then you have a chance. What are the jealous feelings teaching you?

Ego: That sometimes I compare myself to others. Sometimes I feel small, not good enough and don’t value myself enough.

Soul: By the way, you are not your thoughts and feelings, you are the observer of your thoughts and feelings.

Ego: I am my thoughts and feelings!! I am my story, I am my past. I am the titles and labels that I limit myself to be! That’s me!

Soul: You are beyond time and space. You are energy! You are a divine creative force that is powerful! You are light! You are waves and particles of light! And if you plug into Source, you will always knows what’s for your highest good, for that is why we are here.

Ego: Wow, that was beautiful. But I feel it’s dissipating my power and making me feel vulnerable and open. uh oh, I am scared.

Soul: You are now feeling your essence, it ok. You are safe always and always supported. I am always with you Ego. Think and believe how you want. I love you and accept you fully and freely, unconditionally. After all you are such a perfect teacher for me; as I am for you.
And, just for the record, you have nothing to feel jealous about! You are so unique, so wonderful ! You are so significant and unique. You were thought into form, by Our Creator. Each and every person is a part of the whole collective! Each one contributing in some magical way! I am you and you are me, we are not separate. It is simply an illusion our separateness, caused by you Ego!

Ego: YES! YES! YES! If I choose to think it that way…. that is. Thank you Soul. I guess your not as bad as I thought you were. I will analyze, criticize and think about everything you just said. After all, I am all Ego!

Soul: I hear you Ego, I accept everything you say. I love you Ego, right where you are, in this moment. Ok!

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