Michelle Alva, Mindset-Energy Coach; Sex, Love, and Intimacy Guide

Allow Me To Educate and Empower You To Activate Love Vibrate Abundance (ALVA Method). Allow me to teach you to have the best sex of your life! I look forward to being a catalyst for you to shift your shame to create a new Mindset To Love, and to Embrace Sacred Sexuality From A Place Of Deep Self-Love, Fulfillment, and Acceptance.

My intention is to break invisible walls of shame, guilt, pain, and judgments by educating and empowering women and men to heal themselves using a mindset-energy approach.  I designed a journey to self-repair embracing, mindset, energy, spirituality, how to process and release stuck emotions, and how to connect deeply to self-love first, our body’s innate pleasure, sexuality, and sensuality. By letting go of crippling past emotions and deepening the heart and soul connection, we can have a richer, more fulfilling, and healthier lifestyle.  I do this by integrating the latest in science with ancient wisdom modalities such as energy medicine, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, shamanic based rituals, sound healing, Yoga, Tantra, DoTERRA® essential oils, PSYCH-K® and mindfulness-based meditation.

CLICK HERE to join my upcoming online and live-in person events and retreats! Looking forward to connecting with you!

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Deeper Connection: Intro To Tantra for Singles and Couples at Tantra Studios

13 February 2023
- Tantra Studios Miami
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Michelle Alva Tantra Guide
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Mindset-Energy Re-Set Guided Meditations
& Sessions Available. Schedule HERE.

The specific use of languaging to re-program the sub-conscious mind with NLP and combining this with the use of sound and vibration is a quick and easy way to shift our emotional state, calm our amygdala, and process the weight of those denser emotions. Since we hold our issues in our tissues, our traumas of the past are stored in our body, we can repeat a sound, or sing a song to create quick and easy shifts in our body-mind-emotional state.


Did you know you are the most powerful source of healing?

Did you know that YOU are your most powerful source of healing and upliftment? For over 26 years, I’ve been seeking the most effective and simplest ways to facilitate rapid healing, chronic pain release, resiliency, life transformation and connection to our authentic selves. On my journey I have discovered that, as vibrational beings, our health is directly affected by our sub-conscious mind, thoughts and emotions.I have created a whole new way of integrative healing, based on current neuroscience, that empowers people to shift their mindset, independently release chronic pain, clear past emotional baggage in their body tissues, embrace their truth and create the life that they truly desire.

The approach utilizes mind-set change processes including PSCYH-K®, Hypnosis, NLP, mindfulness meditation and the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Shamanic Healing, Breathwork, Energy Healing, Tantra and Sound-Vibrational medicine.

The Alva Method® is a process of self-discovery and mindfulness meditation. It offers us a safe and easy way to feel enlightened and connected to our divinity. The process empowers us by teaching us to uplift and heal ourselves. Schedule a Complimentary Clarity Session with me today to learn how you can master the art of self-empowered healing.

Learn how to Activate Love Vibrate Abundance with Michelle Alva, Creator Of The ALVA Method.

Click HERE to Watch Testimonial Videos of the Benefits of The ALVA Method.

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Join me on this beautiful journey, guided by the love in your heart and the universal intelligence in your mind so we may all co-create a more loving and peaceful world for generations to come, one breath at a time!

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