Did you know each and everyone of us emits a sound frequency? According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, we are 99.9999% made up of energy, and only 0.00001% made up of matter. Therefore, we can effect our human body using light¬†and sound. These forms of wellness and healing are safe and gentle and create “major healing with minor effort.”

Our thoughts and feelings effect our frequency, how our body instrument vibrates and the flow of energy in our body. For example, the thoughts and feelings of love, acceptance, compassion and appreciation cause our body to vibrate at a higher frequency and causes us to feel empowered and feel our body instrument “in harmony.”

If we think negative thoughts, which are of a lower vibration such as separation, judgement, criticism, fear and lack, we will feel heavy, dense, less elevated and out of harmony.

Using sound is a quick and easy way to shift our emotional state and process the weight of those denser emotions. Since we hold our issues in our tissues, our traumas of the past are stored in our body, we can repeat a sound, or sing a song to create quick and easy shifts in our body-mind-emotional state.

Singing a song such as “I am free” and embodying the feeling of freedom as you sing (and dance) is a way of uplifting ourselves and raising our frequency.

My work as a physical therapist has taught me how to work with the human body and appreciate also the use of our diaphragmatic breath and our sounds to process easily pain, stress and tension. When we integrate physical therapy exercises with Sound Healing, we get miracles! Individuals feel empowered and connected to their innate healing resources that are always available within. Self-empowerment is healing. Email me at [email protected] to learn more about HOW we can combine Physical Therapy, Bodywork, and Sound to create “Major Healing with Minor Effort.” These approaches work via a one-on-one in person session in Miami or via a long distance phone session.

And watch the video below to get more tips on how to use Sound As A Form Of Healing and Empowerment in every day life.

Let us know how these simple exercises benefit you!

Thank you Shelley Plumb of Plumb Productions for interviewing me on one of my most favorite approaches that I use in The Alva Method Of Self-Empowered Healing with my clients and also that I use in my daily life to balance and harmonize my body-mind and soul!

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