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  • Free Discovery Call // Get To The Root. Embrace Your Past, Embody Freedom: 8 Module Masterclass


    Schedule a Free Discovery Call if interested in learning more about the Get To The Root. Embrace Your Past, Embody Freedom 8 Module Masterclass with Michelle Alva.  Once registered, you can join the class from the comfort of your home while laying on your bed and with a headset on.


    Get To The Root.

    Embrace Your Past, Embody Freedom

    How To Effectively Transform Chronic Stress, Pain, and Tension with The Alva Method



    Module 1: Own your S.H.I.T. Be Grateful For It (Strengthen, Heal, Imagine, Thrive)

    Perceive Your Past As “Fertilizer” to grOW

    Module 2:  Live Empowered, Guided By Your Intuitive Body Wisdom

    Module 3:  How To Re-Frame Limiting Beliefs and Process The Weight of Stress and Stuck Emotions In The Body.

    Module 4: How To Awaken Your Sensual, Sexual, and Creative Energy

    Module 5: How To Speak Your Truth and Honor Your Authentic Voice

    Module 6: How To Live Light, Aligned and Clear

    Module 7: How To Create Your Dream Life Now and Live In the “Flow” State

    Module 8: How To Embody Freedom and Live Fulfilled

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  • The Alva Guide: 10 Tips For A Stress Free Day


    Did you know you can be your own source of stress release throughout your day? This is great for people with anxiety, chronic pain, and busy lives.

    Learn Michelle’s simple and practical techniques to release stress, process tension, and feel lighter while awake and be more productive with this power packed E-Guide.

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  • The Alva Guide: 7 Tips to Awaken Your Sensual Body


    Can you imagine waking up in the morning feeling energized and light in your body-mind?

    Learn simple and practical mindfulness based sensual techniques to bring more presence, pleasure and connection to your feminine essence.

    Michelle shares her favorite and intimate exercises to ignite our sensual and playful essence in this power packed E-Guide.


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  • Clear Your Mind, Elevate Your Energy


    Audios & Videos Included: 

    • How To Clear Your Mind Meditation-Audio
    • Feel Worthy, More Than Enough, and Let Go Of The Past-Audio
    • How To Create Calm Amidst Chaos: A New World-Audio
    • Grounding Practices to Feel Safe And Supported-Video
    • Guided Meditation to feel safe and supported – Audio
    • Be The Witness Throughout Your Day-Video
    • Let Go of The Past, Process Emotional Pain In The Body and Flow Like A River-Video
    • How To Process and Release Emotions and Tensions In The Body-Audio
    • Open Your Heart, Forgive and Expand with Fierce Compassion-Audio
    • The Power Of Your Words, Empower Your Voice, Speak Your Truth-Video
    • How To Ignite Your Intuition and Access Your Higher Knowing Sense-Video
    • Embody Peace and Oneness With All-Video
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  • Wild Lust Aphrodisiac Oil


    Roll on this delicious combination of aphrodisiac, heart opening and connecting essential oils all over the outside of your body (not mean to be used internally) to spice up your libido and inspire you to feel more sexy and alive! The unique combination of heart opening and sexually enticing oils will invigorate you and your partner for an evening of Tantric bliss. Oils are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, made by DoTERRA®.

    Ingredients: Wild Orange, Geranium, Patchouli, Arbo Vitae, Clary Sage, Cinnamon Bark, and Fractionated Coconut Oil

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  • Wild Abundance Prosperity Oil


    Ingredients:Bergamot, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, Patchouli and Wild Orange.

    Oils are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, made by DoTERRA®.

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    Sports Bags

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