What are you enthusiastic about?

What lights you up?

What would you do for free?

What are you motivated to get done and you don’t need any pushing to do it?

We are all here designed to function at our best when we live guided by what we feel naturally enthusiastic about. These are the things that are authentically aligned with our heart and soul’s joy.

Often times we instead live by what other people think we should be doing. We give into our parent, family and culture’s projection on us of what is right and what is better for us to be or do. Religion is an example of this. For example, if a woman is gay, she might suppress her desires to be with another woman. A son raised by a family of lawyers, might suppress his yearning to be an artist for fear that he be rejected by his family.

This happens so often that we are not even aware of it. Is there something that you keep thinking of that you want to try but you suppress those desires because of what others might think of you?

I tried belly dance after many years of wanting to try this dance, because I judged myself as this might not be acceptable by my mom or husband at the time, even the fact I am a physical therapist! As none of my colleagues were belly dancing…

This made me become aware of how much I was living based on what others would think of me.

I was scared of not being loved for who I am, and cared too much of what others would think of me and now after many years of deep self-soul work (and it’s a constant practice!), becoming intimately aware of how my heart, gut and soul feel, my perception and my life has changed 360! In every cell of my being I know that we are love, we are so loved because we were thought into form by our Creator! This knowing brings me peace and the joy and tickle in my heart can no longer be ignored! Today I feel I am the only person who has to approve of myself… and I act mostly based on what feels light and in alignment with my heart and soul. Life seems to flow much easier, feels lighter and things come to my life, opportunities I could have never dreamed of like being asked to host my own radio show! Life seems more magical and miracles abound since I have chosen to prioritize honoring my heart, my Truth, and being authentically me.

3 Ways To Connect To Our Soul and True Heart’s Desires

  1. When we are enthusiastic about doing something, it is our soul and heart that light up! This is a quick way to become aware of what is true for you, what is honestly aligned with our soul purpose and true heart’s desires. The word enthusiastic comes from the greek root “entheos” which means “to be inspired by God.” ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION AND NOTICE THE ANSWER: WHAT MAKES YOUR HEART SING? WHAT BRINGS YOU PASSION, JOY AND MAKES YOU FEEL ENTHUSIASTIC?
  2. Enthusiasm makes us aware that we are aligned with the God-Source-Creator part of us. When we are breathing peacefully and centered, we are in our soul and heart guided mode. This occurs physically when we breathe using our diaphragm primarily instead of our upper chest. My work as a physical therapist, energy healer and yoga therapist has led me to the discovery of how intricately connected our diaphragm is to our soul and enthusiasm connection. We learn how to maximize a full diaphragm contraction throughout it’s full range of motion, we learn how to maximize our soul connection! To learn how to breathe with your diaphragm click HERE. to listen to a guided meditation called “Guided Meditation To Connect To Your Heart and Soul.” If we are in fear mode, we are being driven by our ego, the part of us that feels we are separate and need to be defensive.
  3. Place your hand on your heart and feel your heart. Breathe deeply and notice how your physical and emotional heart feels. Ask yourself, “Is this what I truly desire? Am I enthusiastic about doing this? Is this true for me? Is this aligned with my heart and soul?” Ask yourself questions to get clear answers from your innate guidance system, your soul, your intuition, your wise self.

Try these easy exercises throughout your day and life, and notice how much easier it becomes to live a life full of passion, enthusiasm, joy and desire! We feel much more energized when we live by what is truly aligned with our soul and heart.

Soul Connector

And a bonus of living feeling more energized and aligned to our heart and soul is that because we ARE ENERGY, we attract into our lives what is aligned with our heart and soul!


Heart and Soul driven living benefits everyone! Stay true to what is truly for YOU! 

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