Did you know that feeling grateful effects your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health? According to Robert Emmons, a leading researcher in the growing field of ‚Äúpositive psychology,‚Äù and author of “Thanks! How The New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier,” has discovered that individuals who adopt an ‚Äúattitude of gratitude‚Äù as a permanent state of mind reap many health benefits such as:

  1. engage in more protective health behaviors and maintenance
  2. get more regular exercise
  3. have improved mental alertness
  4. cope better with stress and daily challenges
  5. feel happier and more optimistic
  6. avoid problematic physical symptoms
  7. have stronger immune systems
  8. maintain a brighter view of the future

Let’s make this Thanksgiving Holiday an opportunity to kick start and celebrate the FEELING of Thanksgiving EVERY DAY of the year!


Did you know that the feeling that you experience in your body-mind actually emits a certain frequency or vibration that causes you to attract the mirror image of what you are vibrating at? We are magnets and if we choose to create in our cells the feelings of gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation, we will attract situations, people and events that mirror exactly what we are putting out! We are creators of our lives much more than many of us might realize! This is super exciting because if you do not like what you are attracting, then you can simply shift how your feeling to attract someone or something different!

Try these simple exercises throughout your day to boost your gratitude meter. Notice what you bring into your life a few days after you begin to integrate these exercises into your daily routine. Everyone around us benefits from us feeling more grateful!

1. Focus on what you are grateful for throughout the day. Notice who, what and when you are grateful throughout your day. Keep a gratitude journal in your purse and jot down every chance you get what you are grateful for. You can also keep a file in your phone under NOTES and list throughout your day at least 5 things you are grateful for.

2. Trust that every moment is a gift and a blessing. Nature loves us, nature heals us and every experience comes into our lives to grow us and teach us something. Practice FEELING grateful for every moment that arises. When you catch yourself feeling upset or resisting what is happening, choose to ALLOW, choose to SURRENDER and ACCEPT what is. Notice how this simple shift in your day empowers you and facilitates ease and flow in your life.

3. Appreciate the most important person in your life. NOW! Take a moment right now to walk over to a mirror and look at your beautiful eyes and face. Look at yourself with full acceptance, compassion and forgiveness if need be. Choose to see yourself RIGHT NOW through a new lens, a lens of unconditional love. Spend time noticing what feelings arise and make it ok to just feel whatever arises. Sometimes this exercise makes us feel uncomfortable. Choose to feel comfortable FEELING uncomfortable with yourself. Your body will eventually release the feelings and you will experience a renewed sense of inner connection and calm.

4. Call someone and let them know how much you appreciate them! The more we focus on appreciation, feeling grateful and sharing the love, the more energized we feel. Our heart softens and our energy increases when we choose gratitude instead of fear or judgement. Try these simple exercises throughout the day and let me know how they benefit you.


If you need to re-boot your gratitude system, contact me at [email protected] and we can re-program your sub-conscious beliefs with PSYCH-K¬Æ Life Change Balances¬† and/or Emotional Release & Transformational Bodywork to remove old beliefs and emotional blockages that may be getting in the way or weighing you down and making it difficult to feel grateful and attract appreciative people into your life.

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