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Did you know resentment and holding grudges elevates your blood pressure and causes you to live in chronic stress mode?

FORGIVENESS is a form of release, it calms us and elevates our inner connection and allows us to feel more and experience a deeper love.

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Forgiveness is when we release the emotional burden of something that has caused us suffering. When we allow resentment to transform into compassion, we know we have forgiven.

Too often we hold grudges, which only weigh us down and makes us feel disconnected, from ourselves and others. Our hearts close and tighten when we hold resentment and grudges, therefore it is more difficult to feel, which sometimes this is what we want because we are so hurt, but it also prevents us from feeling joy, passion and happiness.

No one is every really trying to hurt YOU! A person that hurts others is really SUFFERING inside, their heart is probably tense and closed off to feeling any emotions and therefore they will not feel empathy, love or compassion which will make it easier for them to hurt themselves and everyone around them. Have you ever met someone like this? Has this person ever been you?

How to know when you have forgiven:

  • You no longer blame someone.
  • You no longer feel anger towards someone who has done something wrong.
  • You no longer feel anger about something.
  • You no longer resent that person who has hurt you.
  • You feel connection and peaceful when you think about this person or the event that caused you to feel hurt.

How to know when you have NOT forgiven:

  • You blame someone for doing something wrong towards you.
  • You feel anger towards someone who has done something wrong.
  • You feel anger about something.
  • You resent the person who has hurt you and may even try to avoid seeing that person.
  • You feel disconnected from that person and it is difficult to feel peaceful and calm in their presence or when you think about that person.
  • It literally hurts to think about what happened and also to think about that person. This is called emotional pain.

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Compassion for others who cause harm is very helpful to prevent taking things personally. More than ever the practice of actively forgiving is necessary if you desire optimal health, complete peace in every cell of your body and calm in your mind. When we love ourselves and make it a priority to be kind to ourselves by actively forgiving ourselves and the person that hurt us, deep and true forgiveness is possible. We are designed to love and forgive, when we create the intention to forgive everyone who has ever hurt us, it frees us and actually helps to boost our immunity, we will be more resilient and less prone to catching colds or getting sick.

Empower yourself by actively forgiving yourself and others daily. Let go of your past and enjoy the benefits of forgiveness as a path to inner freedom.

Choose to open your heart, to soften your heart if it has been hurt. Know that you are the only one who is able to hurt or help yourself on the path of forgiveness. May it begin within. If it is hard for you to forgive others, check in with how easy or difficult it is for you to forgive yourself. Are you hard on yourself? Do you set too many expectations on you? Notice if you are in need of being softer, more nurturing and loving towards yourself.

Let me know how this helps you and share this article with a friend. If you would like more tips on how to Forgive, CLICK HERE to read “5 Steps To Forgiveness,”an article I wrote for Family Guiding.

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Together we can create more peace on this planet, when we break down our walls of separation, that begin with tearing down the hardened hurts in our hearts, so we may feel the natural connection and power of love within us and with others. We all affect each other and we truly are ONE interconnected matrix of magic, when our hearts open to our love power!