Happy 4Th Of July!

Do you feel free? 241 years ago, a group of men said Yes! to creating their own new world in America.

They had no idea what exactly they were doing, as breaking away from the British was not something they had ever done… however they had a vision and knew they had to break away from the old, to create something new and more meaningful in their United States Of America.

Today many of us still struggle with breaking away from our past and continue to live fighting an inner battle. Some of us do not feel free of our pain from the past. Some of us feel stuck in our job, relationships, or wake up feeling stuck, tight and constrained in our body-mind.

Sharing with you 3 Tips HERE to “embody freedom and lightness in your every day.”

Tip 1: Be True To You

Let go of caring too much about what other people think about you. If you really want to feel free, focus on your relationship with yourself and care about what you think about yourself. Let go of “people pleasing” and “trying to make others happy,” as we are only ever responsible for our own happiness, and remember it is a mindset to be happy regardless of what is happening outside of us. If something is not true for you and in alignment with your integrity, DON’T DO IT! So many times we say YES! to things that we don’t really wish to do. And we wind up cheating on ourselves, and this causes us to feel weak, and disempowered. Trust that your true heart’s desires and what feels true for you is enough. For example, if you feel it is not in your integrity to do a favor for someone and you feel bad they will be unhappy with your decision, trust that if that person is really your friend, they will understand and appreciate that honoring your feelings is healthy and needed to live light and free. Remember that we attract WHAT WE ARE, NOT WHAT WE WANT. If you are a people pleaser, you will attract more reasons to be a people pleaser, and if you cheat on yourself, you will attract people cheating on you. Its’ law. I see this a lot in my clients, how women give themselves up for their man, and sometimes get lost in their lives, forgetting to make their self-care a priority, only to discover their husband is “cheating.” And then we blame the man, or the women who he cheated with, and this only perpetuates victimhood. Treat yourself with the highest care, integrity and honor your true feelings, and your life will change. Every one will start to treat you as a precious and valuable gem, the same way you treat yourself.

Tip 2: Practice Breathing In Fully and FREELY

How we breathe affects our physiology. The more we Expand, Elongate and Extend, the more we feel free and light. When we have chronic stress and tension from worry, stressful thoughts or sitting too long in front of a computer, the body becomes even tighter and less limber. CLICK HERE To Experience E3 Breathing from The Alva Method of Empowerment.

Tip 3: Free Yourself From The Past

Get a out a piece of paper. Ask yourself, “Is there anyone I have not forgiven? Or anyone I have perceived hurt by? Do I resent anyone?” And Check in if any of these questions relate to the relationship with yourself. Write down the person’s name and what you still feel hurt by. What you are still holding on to. And then email me at [email protected] and I will send you a FREE GUIDED MEDITATION TO EMBODY FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness gifts us with freedom. We are not meant to hold on to the past emotions of hurt, and yet many of us are walking around with a broken heart or a resentful heart. Can you imagine a tree holding on to all it’s old dried up leaves? Resentment, anger and depression is similar to this, we walk around carrying our emotional suitcases in our body tissues, and the body feels heavy and weighed down if we do not process and feel our emotional pain.

Let me know how the Embody Forgiveness Meditation and Video On How To Release Emotional and Physical Pain benefit you! Comment down below and thank you for sharing this simple and powerful tips with your friends!