Did you know HOW we relate to our body and our dis-ease actually effects our overall health and our ability to heal our dis-ease?

Watch this video interview from Plumb Talk Productions where Shelley Plumb asks Michelle Alva, Creator Of The Alva Method Of Quantum Healing Bodywork and Rapid Mindset Change Bodywork to explain the importance of creating a healthy and loving environment in our body and mind to create miraculous shifts in our physiology in order for us to create “Major Healing with Minor Effort.”

Relating to Dis-EASE from PlumbTalk on Vimeo.

And for those reading who do not have any diagnosis of any dis-ease, how do you relate with your body on a day to day basis? Are you your own body’s best friend and biggest source of love? Learn how to nurture and connect to your intuitive body wisdom HERE with Connect To Your Body Video by Michelle Alva, PT.

Remember: Our body is ALWAYS communicating with us, giving us feedback based on our thoughts, what we feed it and how what we do is effecting our body. When we ask our body throughout the day, “How are you feeling body?, is there anything you want me to know? How can I learn and grow FROM this ailment that is a part of me?” Let me know how these questions benefit you and your relating with your precious body temple… that is the house of your soul.

And email me at [email protected] if you would like to experience a long distance or one-on-one in person session with me to learn HOW to tap into your intuition and innate body wisdom to HEAL from your dis-ease.