Heal and Flow with the Force Of Nature and Integrative Healing Therapy.

There is a divine force of love, an energy that flows through us constantly. When we allow ourselves to be fully engaged in the present moment, we can experience this force.

Depending on your background and past experiences, you may have a different name to call this force of nature. It may be love, God, Buddha, Jesus, chi, energy, spirit, prana and/or life force. The name that we call it does not matter so much, as the only way to truly understand it is to experience this force flowing through your body.

You can read books on the topic of dark chocolate and someone can describe to you the taste and texture of dark chocolate, but you can only experience the deliciousness of dark chocolate when you place an actual piece of chocolate in your mouth and savor it being completely present with it.

When our mind quiets down, we can hear the wisdom that this force to feel has to guide us; always seemingly for our highest good.

We are always being guided, just as the waters of the ocean are always being guided. Just as the birds are always being guided to where they need to go throughout the year for them to grow and mate.

We all have an amazing limitless potential, to create, to love, and to be.  What limits us is our beliefs, thoughts, chronic holding state of our past emotions, and our sub-conscious patterns that we learned as children even before we were born.

The practices of yoga, meditation, prayer, tai chi, chi gong, and some religious-spiritual practices are all designed to bring us closer to the experience of this divine and magnetic force.

The word “heal” means to become whole. When we practice the above mentioned we feel more whole and integrated with all the parts of our human being. Our body, mind and spirit unite. This connection within allows us to also connect to something larger than us, something beyond our physical body and thinking mind. We awaken to the experience of ourselves on a much grander scale when we feel whole and heal.



Integrative Healing Therapy is designed to bring you back to your wholeness experiencing. The approach to healing and feeling more whole serves as a way of coming back home to the balance and alignment between our body, mind, spirit, breath and energetic nature so we may feel the powerful force of nature that flows through us.

These sessions are one-on-one 60minute to 90 minute activation experiences where an individual goes through a series of healing experiences, all designed to activate the physiology of love, letting go, healing, connecting, and reinforcing our ability to simply be our authentic and true self.

A by-product of this session is that individuals release emotional blockages, old limited beliefs, and mental-emotional-physical pain and tension, sometimes even after 20 years of holding on.

Individuals learn how to activate and flow their natural energy, the result is feeling lighter, more expansive and free.

Prior to working with my client, I create an intention-that I may get out of the way, so that the mysterious force of divine creation may work through me for our highest good and evolution.  I am guided by my intuition and higher knowing on what every individual needs for their healing session. Information is revealed to me during those sessions which assists us so the sessions may be tailored exactly for the needs of every individual.

Integrative Healing Experiences include one or more of the following:
1. Therapeutic positioning. Alignment of the body so that nerve conduction, energy, blood and lymph may flow optimally. There is a large attention to positioning your body so it may feel nurtured and supported. This enables you to deeply relax, feel safe and trust.

2. Education on how to fully activate the diaphragm so that you may breathe in life to the fullest and become an expert at receiving.

3. Education on how to release pain, tension, stress and mental chatter, old beliefs and limited thinking. We learn how to be grateful for our past and let it go, instead of holding on which manifests in the body as chronic tension, stress and/or pain.

4. Education on how to increase your heal-ability.

5. A series of body movements all designed to increase the release of your healing hormone.

6. Healing and Therapeutic massage, bodywork, and vibrational sound healing.

7. Aromatherapy.

8. Shamanic Healing Techniques which include the use of sounds, affirmations, and sacred drumming.

9. The use of the elements to accelerate healing.

10. Yoga

11. Holistic Physical Therapy

12. Education through the facilitation of the experience on how to be present and fully engaged in the moment, this leads to enlightenment and the experience of pure bliss or samadhi as the yogis call it.

13. A full rapture in the present moment which facilitates the experience of oneness and a divine connection.

Our bodies accelerate healing during these sessions. We are always healing, but too often our minds are not helping us to heal, because when we fill our minds with judgement, criticism and/or limited beliefs, we are actually limiting our body’s ability to be powerful and energetic.

We grow and are most filled with a strong immune system when we love. Our nature is to love. We die if we are not loved. The sessions teach individuals how to self-heal by learning how to activate the neuro-hormone of love and healing.

Integrative Healing Experiences are a way of reinforcing what our true nature is. Our bodies are always healing and bringing us towards a state of harmony and balance. This is our nature.

Integrative healing experiences teach individuals through the experience, how to integrate and balance all aspects of their human being-the body, mind, breath/spirit and energy body. This state of “whole-being” integration makes us feel enlightened, connected and unconditional love.

Integrative Healing Experiences benefit every individual and all types of ailments. The Healing Experiences facilitate optimal energy flow, increased vitality and health.

The sessions are especially helpful for individuals with:

  • Before and After Surgery
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Pain
  • Auto-immune disorder
  • During Pregnancy and Post-Partum
  • Cancer
  • Confusion-life change
  • Chronic Stress and Tension
  • Sleep Problems
  • Digestive Problems
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Infertility
  • Menopause
  • Low Libido


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