A recent survey of more than 14,000 people by TripAdvisor revealed that about 40% of people will travel during the holidays?

People are driving, flying and making plans for family from out of town to join. This means added stress for many of us on many different levels.

There is much we can do to make sure this holiday season is pleasurable and peaceful, regardless of what we are doing this holiday season.

5 Tips On How To Reduce Stress Throughout Your Holiday Season

1. Practice Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

AKA non-judgmental awareness of experiences in the present moment. According to a recent study published in Health Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation literally lowers the stress hormone, it helps us process our emotions in a more healthy way, and it helps us feel more compassionate towards others. All these come in healthy when you are driving in heavy holiday traffic or in case someone steals your parking spot at the mall. Tai chi and Qigong are other forms of mindful movement practices with loads of benefits.
2. Prioritize what you truly desire.

Make a list of the activities you need to take care of and prioritize by deadlines so that you may good use of your time! Write down on paper so that your mind can feel lighter. You don‘t have to walk around carrying all the mental weight of your perceived stresses on your neck or shoulders.

3. Practice “Letting Go” breaths and sighs throughout your day.

Make sure to Breathe deeply and fully throughout your day. Diaphragmatic breathing exercises literally stimulate the anti-stress hormone and help you to balance your hormones, regulate your mood and process the negative effects of chronic stress. Experience the power of your relaxed breath HERE with this mindfulness meditation that teaches you how to release emotional and physical tension. Read more about the benefits of feeling your letting go breaths throughout your day HERE.

Letting Go

4. Love and Accept Your Self and Your Family Members.

Some of us will feel anxious, angry or resentful at the thought of being with certain family members this holiday. Look at this year as a beautiful opportunity to practice forgiveness, compassion, empathy and non-judgement. You benefit greatly from these practices as does your mental, physical and emotional health. Not to mention your whole family. We tend to attract the people in our lives that are there to help us grow the quickest. Notice what beauty your family brings to your life. Remember all of it is a blessing and a catalyst for your growth and evolution!5. Invest in a gift for your body, mind and spirit! Experience Integrative Healing Therapy with Michelle Alva

This hands on healing approach is a combination of bio-energetic massage with breathwork, bodywork, sound healing and aromatherapy. Schedule a deeply restorative 90 minute session with Michelle Alva HERE if you are in South Florida.  Gift certificates available.

Try these 5 tips and let me know how they help you to rekindle the flame of fun, self-care and relaxation this Holiday season!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Lots of well wishes!!!!